Team Diabetic Pub  
We are diabetics of all stripes - type 1, LADA/MODY, type 2 - who have run the gamut of treatments for our disorders and found most of them wanting. After following the advice of our medical teams and often failing miserably; after being told diabetes is always progressive and that we were doomed to develop complications regardless of our careful management; after being labeled non-compliant because our doctors wouldn't believe us when told their advice didn't work; we embarked on our own journeys seeking answers.  
After much trial and error, we have all come to the same conclusion: Complications and progression of the disease are NOT certain. Simply put, controlling high blood sugar requires banishing carbohydrate from our meals, because carbohydrates of all sorts raises blood sugar. You want to maintain low and stable blood sugar, don't let it get high to begin with - stop eating carbohydrates. And if medication and/or insulin is necessary in addition to dietary management, so be it. Dietary management still means fewer meds and/or less insulin.  
Then we discovered all the political implications involving the medical community, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and worst of all, the national diabetes associations of various countries, who all continue to promote high carbs and low fat. We found ourselves on the outside looking in, and we are not satisfied with that. We are committed to spreading the news that there is a most effective management method for diabetes of all types, but since there's no money to be made from it, much effort is made to keep us quiet. But people need to know about what we refer to as LCHF, and we are here to broadcast it
Banishing carbohydrate from our menus requires rearranging the remaining macronutrients of our meals, because carbs have heretofore been our fuel for energy, and now a new source of fuel is necessary. That fuel is fats. Fats are converted to ketone bodies when metabolized by our bodies. Ketone bodies serve the same function as glucose for our bodies. As diabetics, we need to get off the glucose-driven energy system, and convert to the ketone-driven system. Our bodies can do this when given the proper fuel, and we are so much the healthier for it. So our chosen way is known as the LCHF way-of-eating - the LCHF lifestyle. That stands for Low Carb, High Fat. Yes, you heard right, High Fat. Natural saturated and unsaturated, animal and vegetable fats. Once we got well established on LCHF, we came to realize that it doesn't only regulate blood sugar, it regulates and stabilizes cholesterol, blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders, and even allergies.

If you are a naysayer or skeptic, don't turn around yet, we were also like you, once. Instead, read on, join our forum, and participate in discussion with many people from all across the globe, who will just confirm what we say. We'll be glad to have you and help you explore the amazing life you can lead without carbs!